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Hyde Heath Curriculum Intent


The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and the National Curriculum and the building blocks for our school curriculum, but over the last 9 years we have worked hard to develop a more ambitious, bespoke curriculum for our children inspired by thinking such as Chris Quigley Essentials Curriculum and Floyd Woodrow’s Compass for Life. We have also spent considerable time examining in detail our community and what the children need to become happy, responsible, and inspired citizens and shining lights for the future. We aim to provide the values, knowledge, skills, vocabulary, experiences, and cultural capital to succeed in life.  We ensure each child has a step-by-step approach to learning within subject areas by following the subject skills progression matrices.


Values in action are at the centre of all we do. The 5 main value drivers are Kindness, Respect and Resilience, Courage and Care all under the school Motto of Nurturing Excellence.

Ofsted praised the school for its curriculum. "The highly creative curriculum inspires and motivates pupils. There is a tight framework for progression over which teachers plan exciting activities which stem from the pupils’ interests."


Hyde Heath Curriculum Implementation


The school follows a Topic Based Approach, which inspires the children and their teachers, whilst ensuring a strong foundation in reading, writing and mathematics within a broad framework. Such teaching in meaningful contexts aims to inspire and engage the children with reasons and purposes for their learning. We have a rolling programme of topics over three years, which are adapted each time to meet the needs of the school, cohort, time and context.

This approach has been developed and refined through whole-school CPD to ensure that all staff have contributed to the development of our approach to the implementation of our curriculum. We take pride in providing a highly inclusive environment, where learners demonstrate high levels of enjoyment in their education and are supported to progress in all subjects and areas of learning. We take great pride in our regular and clearly focussed interventions and targeted support to embed skills and ensure children can develop at their own pace and learn in a way that best suits their needs.

To ensure effective implementation of our curriculum we carefully plan each learning journey. This is achieved through successful subject leadership, secure subject knowledge and detailed curriculum planning.  In this way we support the children to remember in the long term the content they have been taught and to apply it in new and varied contexts. Children are able to build on previously taught skills to develop a cumulative knowledge base that can then be developed for future learning. 

Throughout the school we use the expertise of subject specialists to provide the best teaching we can across the school and across both key stages.



Hyde Heath Curriculum Impact


We review the impact of the implementation of our curriculum through ongoing formative and summative assessment. This enables teachers to check learners’ understanding systematically, identify misconceptions accurately and provide clear, direct feedback. This ensures that the curriculum is organic and meets the needs of each cohort of children.

This assessment is recorded using the Hertfordshire Primary Assessment system, ragged each term for attainment and progress. All staff meet each term for a Pupil Progress Meeting where each child is discussed, and we share information about needs and put together the provision map for support. This feeds directly back into the planning for the following term.

We measure the impact of our curriculum, not just by the work they produce, but also in the behaviours we see in daily school life. It is here that we assess the true value of what has been learnt.

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