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We aim to provide an ambitious, bespoke curriculum for our children that reflects our community and provides what the children need to become happy, responsible and inspired citizens.  At the core of our curriculum we place the values, knowledge, skills, vocabulary, experiences and cultural capital needed to support the children on their learning journey at Hyde Heath Infant School. 


The school delivers a curriculum that aims to inspire the children, whilst ensuring a strong foundation in reading, writing and mathematics.  We adapt this curriculum to meet the needs of the school, cohort, time and context whilst covering the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum.  We take pride in providing an inclusive environment where learners are supported to progress in all areas of their learning, in an enjoyable, engaging and memorable way.


Children develop at their own pace.  To ensure access to our curriculum we provide a variety of learning opportunities that best suit individual needs.  Previously taught skills and knowledge are built upon and learners can apply these to future learning. We aim to provide children with the knowledge, skills and experiences to inspire and empower them to follow their dreams, removing all ceilings placed on learning, enabling our children to find their path and move on to their next step.


We help our children to become scientists, artists, mathematicians, readers and writers, prepared for the life they will lead when they leave Hyde Heath. This subtle difference, makes all the difference.



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