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Children are naturally born egocentric – their world revolves around them, their family, their home and their life experiences. As we join their learning journey in Reception, this is our starting point for a child-focussed and organic curriculum.  This means that each year our curriculum looks a little different - adapted, polished and renewed for the current cohorts’ needs, passions and interests.

The Hyde Heath Staff and Governors have worked to develop our curriculum offer, based on the firmly embedded school values; The National Curriculum; current research about learning; a keen interest in developing local knowledge and cultural capital, and, most importantly, the needs of the children and their families.

Along the way we have been inspired by such research as Floyd Woodrow’s Compass for Life ; Sir John Jones Magic Weaving, and a skills based curriculum, ‘Essentials’ by Chris Quigley. These talk about providing children with the knowledge, skills and experiences to inspire and empower them to follow their dreams. Rather than teaching science, art , music, maths and literacy, for example, we help our children to become scientists, artists, mathematicians, readers and writers, prepared for the life they will lead when they leave Hyde Heath. This subtle difference, makes all the difference.


Our aim is to remove all ceilings placed on learning and enable our children to find their path and move on to their next destination. As we continue to work to develop this curriculum, its working title is:-


Destinations – we’re going places!


We look forward to your child joining us on their journey.

Hyde Heath Infant School Curriculum Statement




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