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Our curriculum aims to provide a positive, practical, hands on approach to Science.  To increase knowledge and understanding of the world around us as well as develop scientific enquiry skills.  We aim to develop curiosity and the ability to ask questions, collaboration and resilience in our children.  


We strive to:

  • Encourage the development of positive attitudes towards Science through cross-curricular links, educational visits and visitors to the school.
  • Provide our children with an enjoyable experience of Science, so that they will develop a deep and lasting interest and may be motivated to explore Scientific concepts further.
  • Maximise the use of outdoor learning and encourage respect for living organisms and the environment.
  • Develop the skills of investigation and experimenting out find out answers.
  • Value Science to help develop language skills, we encourage our children to talk constructively about their Science experiences supporting their use of scientific vocabulary.
  • Develop close links between Science, Literacy and Mathematics.


  • Adapt and modify the Science curriculum to suit children's interests and current events whilst still covering statutory objectives from the Science curriculum.
  • Ensure progression within and between year groups and revisit topics to build on previous knowledge and understanding.


Working scientifically underpins our science curriculum, developing skills such as close observation, identifying, recording data and performing experiments.

We cover a range of topics such as plants, materials and how we keep healthy. We look at seasonal change and explore livings things and their habitats. Children are encouraged to look at similarities and differences.

When, or if, questions about sex arise they are answered appropriately and sensitively to suit the age and understanding of the child.

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