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Early Years Foundation Stage

As Bold Beginnings states, ‘The Reception Year holds a unique and important position in education’ and at Hyde Heath we are committed to providing a rich and enjoyable first year of schooling which provides our children with a nurturing and supportive environment where they can develop their skills, expand their experiences and become confident and eager learners. 


The Reception team work closely with the onsite Pre School and have regular joint sessions and activities which develop a great relationship between both groups of learners.  The Early Years Curriculum is developed through whole school planning to provide our children with they skills they need to become effective learners, ready to face the challenges and opportunities of Key Stage 1.  Children are immersed in a curriculum that stimulates and excites, providing opportunities for new experiences and for supporting their own fascinations and interests.  We aim to develop a love of learning and the development of skills to equip our children for their future. 


Developing our children into successful readers is core to the Reception year.  Children are taught a phonics curriculum based around Letters and Sounds, using a variety of resources and formats, which supports the children’s development of reading.  We support home reading by providing books suitable for the child’s stage of development.  We aim to develop a love of reading and take time to share books as a class, in small groups and individually.  We have a range of texts in the classroom to support current topic work as well as a library of well loved tales and new stories too!


We place an emphasis on practical development of skills and support the children in their growing understanding of mathematics through hands on activities. Our curriculum develops through an understanding of number, using a variety of sources to engage and interest young minds.  Familiar characters such as the Numberblocks help our children to develop their concrete understanding of how the number system works and how we use this to develop our mathematical skills. 


Our Reception classroom is well resourced inside and out. We have a covered outdoor classroom adjacent to the indoor classroom, both with a range of activities and equipment. We also use the school’s lovely outdoor facilities that include a playground and grassy area, a mud kitchen, allotment area and wooded green surroundings.  We are well located to also make regular use of the wonderful environment on our doorstep and often use the common and woodland as a base for our learning.  We positively encourage our children to have a love of nature and a respect for the environment by making it a central part of our curriculum. 


Our small class sizes enable us to ensure carefully planned learning experiences for our Reception Year children. The emphasis is on practical child-led activities and the development of the children’s characteristics of effective learning.

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